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Supply Chain

Who we Are

AMLOG is a dynamic company which offers an innovative service, commited to their customers requirements concerning logistics, transport and customs area.

  We propose to be the company that provides the largest added value to the international logistic operation of its customers, through development and implementation of continuous improvement processes

  focuses on generating competitive advantages and costs reduction for its customers, neither affecting quality of service nor risking safety of goods.

  We trust this offer will allow us to stay close to your increasing challenges.

Solid presence in the international trade market, great operative knowledge, fluid contacts with diverse organisms: CUSTOMS, SICyM, SEDRONAR, Commercial Loyalty, SENASA, INAL, INV, etc.

Professional commitment to the efficiency and competitive needs of our customers.

Daily communication thanks to the well-oiled Transport, Customs and Financial processes.

Consolidated team of highly experienced professionals.

Global presence, by means of owned offices and an extensive agent’s network around the world.

AMLOG`s 4PL service , allows you to concentrate the international logistics operation’s responsibility in only one company.


Our integral service’s advantages are:

 Decrease in the operations status´uncertainty.

 Reduction of operative costs.

 Optimization of our customer´s tasks by reducing the number of suppliers that need to be managed.

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